Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome back to apature science test facilities

OK even though this was a portal reference today shall not be portal. Today I shall tell you about this rpg I made up. I know I never post but in the mean time I have beat halo: 1,2,3, reach,wars, odst, Call of duty: black ops, world at war,3. So I have done a LOT so don't spam a bunch of stuff that is saying I suck. Anyway about this rpg ok so you get your own army so have people join (its vital) but first draw sets of armor and weapons like mage,knight,rouge, and cleric (a cleric is a healer but will only use weapons that don't draw blood like a hammer) also no guns or nukes so stuff like that. Next choose your items. So anyone who joins must choose a class not yours. Finally choose an element. (on second thought do that first so you can base your stuff off of your element) That is it if you are someone I know just ask to join in the comments my element is darkness. NOTE YOU MUST READ THIS you have to draw this stuff out on paper also I will post some pics of darks soon. FOR NOW GO AND GAME really just go........your really still reading this........at least post a comment........................do you have no life or something...... your creeping me out know GO!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mini Droid Lego Arsenal

                  Welcome to the epic arsenal of legos.

Lego commanders attack ship
Salvage ship
Rescue boat front
Rescue boat back
Medical speeder
Water Hotel & Hotel Manager
Dune escape ship
Little Ace
Coin Island
Mini Droid the creator of this lego section.
Native raft
Periscope Hovership- Named by Graham R
Bomb cruiser
Diving ship with turbine
Little diver's
Water cook's
Showman asleep
Command center arial view
Command Center battle cruiser escape pod end
 Ultimate attack cruiser

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is your favorite Pokemon?

Hello Giga gamers you all should know of the pokemon game series. Not counting the new unreleased region there are 493 pokemon in all. My favorite pokemon is pikachu. Please tell me your favorite just post under comments your favorite. THANK YOU

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome gamer's.

Welcome all giga gamers to my new blog, the first game I will be reviewing is toy story mania. This game is a disgrace to toy story and the 3D was so horrible.  I think pong has better graphics. Sorry to say but I sold mine so I can not show a video of it. So giga gamers out there do not buy this. =D

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